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  For the Love of SCUBA   
1. What is SCUBA?  
2. Whatís not SCUBA?  
3. Why should I become SCUBA certified and dive?  
4. Who should not be SCUBA certified?  
5. What is certification and why do I need that C-card?  
6. Can I SCUBA dive without being certified?  
7. What is SCUBA diving like and why is it so popular?  
8. How many SCUBA divers are there?  
9. Who gets SCUBA certified?  
10. Why is SCUBA attracting more women?  
11. What are the certification levels in recreational diving?  
12. In what SCUBA specialties can I get further training?  
13. Can I make a living SCUBA diving?  
14. How does diving in freshwater compare to saltwater?  
15. How about some ocean trivia?  
16. What is in that SCUBA tank?  
17. Why is there air and what is air made of?  
18. Can I indulge in some of my vices underwater?  
19. Once certified, how do I avoid SCUBA burnout?  
20. How can I  e a s e  into SCUBA certification? 
  Staying Alive .. and a Few Other Lesser Concerns   
21. What are my chances of getting back aboard the boat alive?  
22. What one thing should I fear most in the water?  
23. What injuries are most likely when SCUBA diving?  
24. What kills recreational SCUBA divers?  
25. Wonít sharks or giant squid eat me or want a taste?  
26. Iím prone to panic and stress. Can I SCUBA dive?  
27. I know nothing about SCUBA, wonít they laugh at me?  
28. I do not like cold water! How do I stay warm?  
29. Wonít I get trapped or sucked down to the bottom?  
30. Wonít I get run over by some drunk in a boat?  
31. What happens if I cannot see underwater?  
32. Why would anyone in their right mind dive at night?  
33. I am lucky to know down from up; wonít I get lost?  
34. What happens if I cannot breathe?  
35. How long does a tank of air last?  
36. What happens if I need a bio-break (wee wee)?  
37. Wonít I drown if I upchuck, sneeze, or cough underwater?  
38. I just ate. Wonít I get cramps and drown?  
39. Iíve heard a lot about the bends. Whatís the skinny?  
40. Whatís a hyperbaric chamber and how is it used?  
41. Why donít whales get the bends?  
42. Iím all wet. How can I become dehydrated when diving?  
43. Wonít my ears hurt when I dive?  
44. My boat just sunk. How do I go about recovering it?  
45. I have no friends. How important is buddy diving?  
46. I have lots of friends. How do I converse underwater?  
47. Will future advances make SCUBA diving even safer?  
48. I drive a Volvo. Can I be safe diving? 
  The U in SCUBA .. Personal Considerations   
49. Can I dive with my rubber ducky?  
50. Do I have to be a good swimmer to get my C-card?  
51. Wonít I get claustrophobic or agoraphobic when I dive?  
52. Iím pretty lazy. Is SCUBA strenuous?  
53. Iím overweight. Can I SCUBA dive?  
54. What are the physical benefits of SCUBA?  
55. What exercises are most beneficial for training to dive?  
56. I have a physical disability. Can I still SCUBA dive?  
57. I danced to Buddy Holly.  Am I too old to dive?  
58. Am I old enough to become SCUBA certified?  
59. I am (or trying to get) pregnant. Should I SCUBA dive?  
60. Can I dive during my Ďperiodí?  
61. What other female-specific issues are there in diving?  
62. I get seasick easily. Can I still go SCUBA diving?  
63. Can I keep a non-diving spouse & kids happy while I dive?  
64. I need vision correction to see. Is this a problem?  
65. I have a medical condition. Is it safe for me to dive? 
  SCUBA U. - Getting Your C-Card and E-Ticket   
66. How do I start the SCUBA certification process?  
67. Is getting certified physically or mentally difficult?  
68. How long does it take to get certified?  
69. Is SCUBA certification training safe?  
70. Will I be required to buy equipment to get certified?  
71. How much does SCUBA certification cost?  
72. Who will certify me and which agency is the best?  
73. Whatís more important, Instructor, shop, or agency?  
74. What should I look for in an Instructor?  
75. My Instructor rubs me the wrong way. Suggestions?  
76. How many students should an Instructor have in a class?  
77. Can my SCUBA certified buddy go to training sessions?  
78. I do not live near the ocean. Can I still get certified?  
79. Where can I get my training?  
80. What are the specific requirements to become certified?  
81. What does classroom instruction cover?  
82. Why is the maximum recreational SCUBA depth 130 feet?  
83. What is this rapture of the deep thing (getting narcíd)?  
84. Why is mandatory decompression not taught?  
85. I have heard about Nitrox. What is it and how is it used?  
86. What does the pool/confined water instruction cover?  
87. What happens during my open water training dives?  
88. What will my first open water post-cert dive be like?  
89. What is DAN (Divers Alert Network) and should I join? 
  You Are Well Suited For SCUBA - Equipment Exposés   
90. What does the well-dressed SCUBA diver wear?  
91. What equipment must I buy to become certified?  Cost?  
92. Do I have to buy more equipment after getting certified?  
93. How about a basic open water equipment checklist?  
94. Should I buy equipment via mail order, dive shop, or ?  
95. What is a Buoyancy Compensator?  
96. Tanks a lot for info on SCUBA cylinders.  
97. It takes a regulator to pass gas. What is a regulator?  
98. How much air do I need to make a safe ascent?  
99. Redundant breathing systems. Should I get 1 or 2 or ?  
100. An exposure suit sounds kinky. What is it and how much?  
101. He ainít heavy.. Why do divers wear weights?  
102. What are dive tables?  
103. Can I stay down a bit longer with a dive computer?  
104. Time flies while diving. Can I get a slower dive watch?  
105. Get to the point! What kind of dive knife should I buy?  
106. It can be dark at 130 feet. Enlighten me on dive lights.  
107. Can I use a GPS (Global Positioning System) under water?  
108. What type of underwater homing devices are there?  
109. Can I use an EPIRB while diving?  
110. What is a possibles kit?  
111. Isnít a dive log heavy? Why should I keep one?  
112. What type of dive logs are available?  
113. Once I have my own equipment can I dive for $1? 
  All Suited Up and Thousands of Dives to Make   
114. Iím certified! What are the top worldwide dive sites?  
115. What are the best dive sites in my state? 
Donít Miss Your Manners - Diving Etiquette  
Diving Deeper into SCUBA - Other Resources  
The History of SCUBA in Three Pages  
Off Gassing (Glossary)  
SCUBA Periodicals  
 List of Illustrations 
A. Parameters Defining Recreational SCUBA Diving  
B. Diving Requiring Additional Training  
C. Reasons I Enjoy Diving  
D. Those Who Should Not Become SCUBA Certified  
E. Examples of SCUBA Dives  
F.  Specialties Offered to Recreational Divers  
G.  Comparison of Diving in Freshwater vs. Saltwater  
H.  How to Rekindle the Diving Flame  
I.  Primary Factors Which Decrease SCUBA Diving Risks  
J.  Ways to Avoid Making Inapproprite Dive Decisions  
K.  Some Signs and Symptoms of Stress  
L.  Suggestions for Avoiding Undesirable Contact with Boats  
M.  Potential Causes with Solutions to Loss of Visibility  
N.  How to Avoid Directional Confusion at Night When Meeting Another Group  
O.  Recommendations for Avoiding DCI  
P.  Mechanisms Causing Dehydration in the Diver  
Q.  Measures to Take to Avoid or Minimize Ear Squeezes  
R.  Buddy Obligations  
S.  Future Enhancements to SCUBA for Increased Safety  
T.  Suggestions for Safer Diving  
U.  Problems Encountered by the Obese Diver  
V.  Associations and Clubs for Disabled Divers  
W.  Recommendations to Extend Your Diving Years  
X.  Medical Checklist Questions Needing a Physicianís OK  
Y.  Absolute Contraindications to Diving  
Z.  Relative Contraindications to Diving  
AA.  Factors Determining Time Necessary for Certification  
AB.  Qualities to Consider in Choosing an Instructor and Course  
AC.  Some of the Requirements Likely for Certification  
AD.  Sample of Topics Covered in Classroom Instruction  
AE.  Advantages of Using Nitrox  
AF.  Disadvantages of Using Nitrox  
AG.  Pool Instruction Likely Includes  
AH.  Why the Beginning Diver Should Purchase Equipment from a Dive Shop  
AI.  Common SCUBA Tanks Used in the U.S.  
AJ.  Some Pros and Cons of Aluminum vs. Steel Tanks  
AK.  Functions/Information Available from Most Dive Computers  
AL.  Features to Look for in a Quality Dive Watch  
AM.  Some Key Characteristics of a Dive Light  
AN.  Some Reasons for Maintaining a Current Dive Log  
AO.  Additional Worldwide Sites to Whet Your Diving Appitite  

A. PADI C-card  
B. The Human Ear  
C. Certification Cost Checklist  
D. Requirements for Open Water Certification by Agency  
E. SCUBA Equipment  
F. SCUBA Equipment  
G. SCUBA Equipment (back view)  
H. Open Water Equipment Checklist  
I. Dave Wallerís Table on Air Consumption  
J. Wet Suit Styles  
K. Dry Suit Styles  
L. U.S. Navy Dive Table  
M. Example of a Dive Log Page  
N. Examples of Stamps from Log Book  
O. Some of the Better Novice Dive Locations in the World  
P. Worldwide Dive Locations  Map  
Q. Best Dive Sites by State  
R. Dive Shops Participating in Best Dive Site by State Survey 



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