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What a great idea! SCUBA Scoop intelligently asks all the questions that “want-to-be” divers ask.  Better yet, it provides all the answers.  Now the prospective scuba diver can make informed choices as to certifying agencies, scuba schools, and instructors.  So many of the “mysteries and misconceptions” about scuba have been dispelled. SCUBA Scoop addresses the issues of cost, equipment rental, and sharks, to name a few.  No longer will misunderstanding or unwarranted fears keep potential scuba divers from achieving their dreams and experiencing the wonders of the ocean realm.  THIS BOOK SHOULD HAVE BEEN WRITTEN THIRTY YEARS AGO! – Anthony Wiley, Wiley's Scuba Locker, Riverside, CA. 

SCUBA Scoop is a well-written compendium of scuba diving knowledge.  A perfect reference for divers of all skill levels. – Major Barry Lowen, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Instructional Concepts, Pittsburgh, PA. 

We have found SCUBA Scoop to be excellent reading for the novice and seasoned diver.  There is something for everyone, well researched and fun too! – Rick and Nancy Lawson, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Divemaster, and owners of Back Yard Scuba, Temecula, CA. 

After briefly considering scuba diving as a career field, an injury made it impossible for me to become a diver and I lost interest.  That is, until I read SCUBA Scoop.  It re-opened the world of scuba diving to me and gave me the grounding I need to once again consider becoming a certified scuba diver. – Eric Durkee, prospective scuba diver. 

SCUBA Scoop is well written and easy to read.  Diving equipment can be a boring, but SCUBA Scoop has made the subject easy to understand. – Frank Veenstra, NAUI Advance Diver. 

SCUBA Scoop answered all my scuba diving questions, even some I didn't know I had. - Mack Jones, prospective scuba diver. 

SCUBA Scoop definitely fills a void between the educational 
material provided by the agencies and other diving books on the scene today. - Dr. Ernest Campbell, Scubadoc, from the 'The Ten Foot Stop' Diving Medicine Online Newsletter dated 06/23/00. 

SCUBA Scoop contains very interesting material, often presented with a terrific sense of wit and humor. - Sally Templin, Literary Critic


I just received your book, SCUBA Scoop, and I'm delighted. A lot of Ebay ads that claim they have a book turn out to be a pamplet, but you have a REAL BOOK! So I'm delighted! Good content! I haven't read it all yet but I've got a good start on it. I left you postive feed back. Thanks again for the very helpful book. - John Jones II, Ebay Buyer


Gary S. Shumway's book on scuba diving is exactly what it purports to be: a book filled with answers for the questions often asked by beginning divers.SCUBA meant for readers who have been thinking about trying scuba diving.
For those who want to get to the good stuff right away it offers a "quick start" table of contents, leading readers immediately to the answers. For those with a little more time on their hands, the book takes beginners from "What is scuba?" through to diving etiquette and resources for those who want to go further.
The book also includes a list of hot diving spots in the world and America (listed state-by-state.) Some listings include points of interest, like Turks and Caicos ("Some of the best beaches, restaurants, reffs, and walls ... and a humpback whale migration") and Blue Heart, Idaho, ("Need boat to get to"). Also included is a state-by-state list of dive shops.
SCUBA Scoop is not a glossy picture book - in fact some of the pages use low-resolution clip art and even the photos are not always of the highest quality. But if you are considering taking up scuba diving before your next cruise, it is a good primer on what to expect. - Lisa Cook, Soundings, May 2001, p. 22. Reprinted with permission from Soundings Publications, LLC

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