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"Out of Kendall I'm riding along at 65 mph some 50 yards behind an eighteen wheeler listening to my stereo when another tractor-trailer who had been gaining on us pulls out to pass me. I think to myself, "He sure is anxious!" He is about half way around me when the road curves and I notice a car coming toward us. 
It immediately becomes apparent that there is no way this rig will make it and he can't slow down fast enough to pull back in behind me. He will either hit the on-coming car or run us off the road. I quickly hit the brakes, the trucker realizes his predicament and as I thought, cuts in. 
Thankfully my CB is not on as I loudly expound upon his ancestry, IQ, after life destination, personal proclivities, and what he  must have a lot of after lunch. I think, "there is no way I'm staying behind him!" (though rationally I should have) so I pass him going 90. It takes all my restraint not to gesture my rating of his driving ability. Fortunately, he doesn't try and pass again and I ride in the rocker until Lakin, Kansas."  

"Noticing a small sporting goods store opening for business [in Wilmer, Alabama] I go in and talk to the sales lady. Asking her about the local fishin' and huntin' she says, "it's excellent!" and the displayed photos collaborate her statement. As this area appears, from my perception, to be archetype of the deep South and being aware of the rift between Northerners and Southerners I naively ask her, "How far north does one have to live to be considered a Northerner?" She says, "As far as those in these parts are concerned, any place north of here."  

"It's extremely difficult to keep 'B' upright, dodge pedestrians, view the sights, stay out of the way of other vehicles, try to find the most expedient route around stalled traffic, and worry about the increasing temperature of 'B's coolant let alone know where you are, where you want to go and how to get there. Most of the time I am on Manhattan Island I simply don't know where I am."  

"Mount Rushmore! As we all have, I'd seen pictures of the Monument since childhood but it is  something else to view it in person. I felt awed by the sight of the 60 foot faces of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt. What a task for Gutzon Borglum to direct the sculpturing of those granite gazes. Truly a must-see sight!"  
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