Gary S. Shumway, CCP,MA,MPH,MBA
Professional MUMPS (M), Caché, Web Computer Programming, Project Management, and Statistical Analysis

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    Gary Shumway  offers experienced and professional contract or contract-to-hire MUMPS (M), Caché, web computer programming, project management, and statistical anaylsis.     

    Gary has the:   

                    to meet your needs.

    Garycan be reached at (801) 824-4469 or     

      • Over 32 years of programming experience in the MUMPS (M) / MIIS / Cache health care, business, and research environments    
      • Have contracted with three Clinical Laboratories    
      • Have contracted with six Health Care provider organizations (four HMOs)    
      • Have programmed for four hospitals, two universities, a county, the Federal government, and seven additional corporations    
      • Have programmed in the M related environments of Caché, CCSM, DCL, DSM, DTM, MSM, Open M/SQL, and MIIS    
      • Have experience with Affinity, Antrim, ASTM, BAR, BMD, BOS, Cadence, Chronicles, COSTAR, EDI, Epic Care, IDX, MEDInform, SCHED, SQL, and VistA/FileMan software  
      • Have programmed under AIX, CPM, DOS, Linux, MIIS, OC/VMS, SUNOS, UNIX, VMS, and Windows
      • Have programmed on DG Nova, Eclipse, and MVs, DEC PDP-11/70, VAX 780, and Alpha, HP 3000, IBM 370, RS6000, PCs, and Univac
    Depth of IS Knowledge 
      • Have also programmed in ASP, BAL, Basic, C, CASL, COBOL, ColdFusion, Delphi, DHTML, Fortran IV, FoxPro, perl, PL/1, and VB
      • Familiarity with a wide range of productivity and communication tools such as StarTeam, ClearQuest, Cross Talk, Eclipse, KEA!, IDX Term, NetTerm, Pathworks, Perforce, ProComm, Reflection2, Remedy, RequisitePro, Rhumba, SmarTerm, StarTeam, TeamPlay, TNVTPlus, VNC, and WS_FTP, etc. 
      • Familiar with EDI related standards such as ASTM, HIPAA, HL7, NSF, and 835   
      • Other tools used include Composer, Crystal Reports, Dreamweaver, Excel, EZ-Cap, Homesite, HTML, IE, Java Script, Monarch, MS Access, MS Front Page, MS Project, MS Power Point, MS Publisher, MS Word, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Quattro Pro, SAS, Serenji Debugger, SPSS, TextPad, Word Perfect, Visio, etc. 
      • Can relocate to your site   
      • Can work remotely 
      • Or a combination of both
    Communication Skills 
      • Have obtained the Distinguished Toastmaster (speaking) designation (highest obtainable from Toastmasters International)   
      • Have published eight papers in nationally circulated journals 
      • Authored two internationally selling books
    Leadership Ability 
      • Division Governor of the Year (Toastmasters International Leadership Program)    
      • Have been employed as Senior Programmer, Lead Programmer, Project Leader, Team Leader, Project Manager, and Director of Data Processing  
      • Planned, developed, programmed, supported, documented, and managed a complete Dental School computer system from inception
      • Master's degree in Psychology    
      • Master's degree in Biostatistics
      • Master's degree in Business Administration     
      • Certified Computing Professional designation from the Institute for the Certification of Computer Professionals
      • Continued education and certification in numerous tools and aspects related to information processing and management

Gary listens to and works well with users, management, and other programmers. He believes in the practical, conservative, well documented, supportable, "make it work" approach.

Gary will "make it work" for YOU!


Gary Shumwaycan be reached via (801) 824-4469  or