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Have questions regarding recreational SCUBA diving? 

SCUBA Scoop has the answers. 
The brand new book, SCUBA Scoop, answers more than 115 of the most frequently asked questions regarding recreational SCUBA diving. 
SCUBA Scoop was written for the individual inquiring into recreational SCUBA diving as well as the beginning to intermediate diver.   

The questions answered in SCUBA Scoop's 368 pages include:   
  • How safe is recreational SCUBA diving? 
  • What about sharks and shark attacks on divers?
  • Why should I become SCUBA certified and dive? 
  • How long does it take and cost to get certified? 
  • Will I get the bends?
  • Won't my ears hurt when I dive? 
  • Answers to questions asked by women regarding diving? 
  • What is SCUBA diving and what makes it so popular? 
  • Where are the best dive sites in the U.S. (by state) and world wide? 
  • Do I have to be certified to dive? 
  • How do I get certified? 
  • Who will certify me and which agency is the best?
  • What do I have to do to get trained?
  • Is it difficult to get certified?
  • What happens on my open water training dives?
  • What equipment is needed?
  • Should I buy or rent equipment?  From Whom? 
  • What medical conditions preclude diving?
  • Do I have to be in great shape or a good swimmer?
  • What happens if I cannot breathe?
  • Am I too old or too young to get certified?
  • Can I make a living SCUBA diving?
  • etc. etc.....
  • See SCUBA Scoop's Table of Contents for a full listing of the questions answered.

    SCUBA Scoop Book Cover Image
    SCUBA Scoop also contains:  
  • a list of certifying agencies, 
  • certification cost check list,
  • open water equipment check list, 
  • the best places, world wide, for the novice to dive, 
  • the best U.S. dive sites by state (from a survey of 499 U.S. dive shops), 
  • a reference section including SCUBA periodicals, 
  • a diving etiquette section, 
  • a short history of SCUBA diving, 
  • an extensive glossary of terms,
  • a complete index, and
  • more than 120 images related to diving.   

    SCUBA Scoop is not just another training manual. 
    SCUBA Scoop answers questions...YOUR questions!

    Get the whole scoop for only $16.95 USD! 

    How to order SCUBA Scoop!
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